Selection choir audition process VPJD 2018 

The procedure for VPJD2020 will be similar, but details aren't final yet...

The auditions for the Selection Choir will be held in advance.
The advantage of this is, that we don't need to hold the auditions on the first day of the VPJD, and also that the members of the selection choir could have the sheetmusic and practise files in advance, so they could prepare the music. And people know in advance if they need to prepare the music for the big choir or the Selection Choir.

You can indicate your interest in auditioning for the Selection Choir by checking the appropriate box on the application form.
You will be eligible to audition for the Selection Choir after your admittance to the VPJD 2020 has been confirmed and your invoice is paid.

Every participant who indicated to be interested, will receive an email with the instructions and links to the material needed for the audition.

The audition procedure is as follows (version VPJD2018):
Record yourself on video in one take as you do the following (in any order):

Go to and send the recorded video to on or before Sunday April 29th 2018. Do NOT try to send your video recording as an e-mail attachment, since it will most likely fail and we will not know you tried to send it.

Please note: maximum video time is 7 minutes, the audition must be recorded in one take (no stops between songs), the video may not be edited in any way and it must be in by Sunday April 29th 2018.

Early June 2018 every auditioner will be informed about their admittance to the Selection Choir.

The deadline to send in audition-videos has passed, so you can no longer audition for the VPJD2018!