Dr. Matthias Becker (Germany)

Diploma as choir conductor (at Helmut Rilling), degree in musicology, PhD in “choir music in jazz”. Winner of the first prize at the national competition of voice (category jazz). Founder and manager of VoKAL ToTAL, the famous German vocal jazz quartet. Golden Diploma and 1st prize at the 4th international choir competition in Budapest, 1993. Two times ‘Jazz-CD of the Month’ awarded by the music journal “audio”.

Matthias Becker is a celebrated choir conductor, concert and studio musician, judge, arranger and publishing director. He trains choir conductors, choirs and vocal ensembles in Germany and abroad, has a permanent post teaching the vocalists of the BuJazzO (Germany’s official youth jazz orchestra), and publishes choral arrangements, articles and textbooks on jazz singing.

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Dr. Matthias Becker