Merel Martens (The Netherlands)

Merel Martens is a fulltime choir conductor and arranger.

Merel followed the Bachelor program “Music Education” at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. It was here in 2009 where she achieved her very honorable final grade of 8,5. Because Merel is never finished learning, she went on to study the Bachelor program “Choral Direction Light Music” with conductor Tijs Krammer. In June 2011, Merel graduated with straight A’s.

Two years later Merel continues to follow her ambition and she got an inspiring start to the Master program of Rhythmic Choir Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, studying with Jim Daus Hjern°e and Jesper Holm. In may 2015, Merel graduated with the highest possible grades for all classes. Merel is also very much inspired by mentors and friends like  Peder Karlsson (ex-Real Group) of Sweden and Roger Treece (composer Vocabularies by Bobby McFerrin) of the United States.

From november 2015, Merel is teacher and co÷rdinator for the the education possibilities featured at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Tilburg, presenting 'Vocal Leadership', based on 'the Intelligent Choir' method. Merel can often be found at (inter)national festivals spreading the word about this method and presenting her vision when it comes to choir leading.

In January 2011 Merel founded vocal group Pitch Control, who won the renowned Aarhus Vocal Festival 2013 in Denmark.  
From September 2014, Merel and Peder started Dutch Organic Choir. A group of singers that work with rotated leadership and sing style-free a cappella music. DOC is the first existing Organic choir and is open for experiment, challange and innovation.

Merel conducts among others the award winning “VO¤SZ Vocal Projects” in the Netherlands. In addition she is the vocal coach for the professional group “The Junction”.
She just started a new vocal group, with the ambition to reinvent vocal music: MAZE.

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Merel Martens